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SOLUTION: Mail Rules & "Monitor cannot find folder"
~Patti Nimkrovitchgon 01/27/2004 04:07 PM
General 6.5 Windows 2000

I have just been having fun & games with a R6.5 mail file in which the user had deleted a folder used by a Rule and then deleted the Rule. I have seen a bunch of similar posts. I was getting:

"Monitor cannot find folder 0 OF934C258D:9D86EF76 ON80256DF6:00669D76 in Database: d:\data\Domino\Mail\<name>.nsf Enabled Filter: 3 MonitorID: C8D7882: 4: Entry not found in index"


"Monitor Error in Database d:\data\Domino\Mail\jstuart.nsf: Entry not found in index"

We tried deleting all Rules and then I spent ages trying: re-FT index the mail file, delete/create new FT index for the mail file, fixup, updall & compact, creating a new replica, create a new copy. All with no success (doing a 'dbcache flush' after each change, re-testing, then restarting the server after each change).

Even with no Rules in the mail file, a fresh copy of the .NSF on the server, on a freshly rebooted server the error was still appearing!

FINALLY! I tried creating one Rule and then replacing the mail file design with that of another template (in this case an R5 mail NTF) and then replacing the mail file design back to the R6 template.

No more monitor errors! Sheesh, what a mess - IRIS, can you shed any light on this 'feature'?

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